Subordinate Posts

Staten Island Post No. 6- Chartered 3/3/1950
Commander – Robert Birstler
Adjutant – Eustace G. Kiriakos, PCG- Email
Grand Post Representative – James Ruggiero, PC- Email
Meeting Place: 236 Main Street, Staten Island, NY 10307  

Niagara Frontier Post No. 10- Chartered 2/1950
Commander – Brian Steward Email
Adjutant – Gilbert G. Adams- Email
Grand Post Representative – Richard Wolf
Grand Post Judge Advocate – Paul E. Rudnicki
Meeting Place: 32⁰ Masonic Community Center, 2379 Union Rd., Cheektowaga, NY on the 5th Tuesday of the month at 7pm  

James A. Hard/Wayne Charter Post No. 12- Chartered 10/6/1950
Commander – Fernando Palmeroni-Email
Adjutant – Vance R. Collom –Email
Grand Post Representative – F. Jay McCullough- Email
Meeting Place: Webster Lodge 538, 30 Orchard St., Webster, NY  

Temple Post No. 19- Chartered 11/10/1950
Commander – John Andrades – Email
Adjutant – John Andrades, Jr.- Email
Grand Post Representative- Bob Parry- Email
Meeting Place: 71 W. 23rd Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY  

Ninth Manhattan Post No. 22- Chartered 6/20/1951
Commander – Michael Seeley- Email
Adjutant- Gustavo Teran – Email
Grand Post Representative – Robert Stein – Email
Meeting Place: Whitestone Masonic Hall, 149-39 11th Ave, Whitestone, NY  

Suffolk Post No. 23- Chartered 10/23/1952
Commander – Bill Arnold
Adjutant – Charles Mendell, PCG – Email
Grand Post Representative -Vincent Scaldone
Director General- Vincent Scaldone
Meeting Place: Riverhead Lodge 645, Route 25, Riverhead, NY  

Tenth Manhattan Post No. 27- Chartered 2/2/1956
Commander -Augustin Paz
Adjutant – John P. Rowan PCG – Email
Grand Post Representative – Kenneth Buscemi – Email
Meeting Place: 71 W. 23rd Street, Wendel Walker Lounge, New York, NY  

Beth El Post No. 29- Chartered 6/18/1956
Commander – Michael LaFountain – Email
Adjutant – Derek BrownEmail
Grand Post Representative – Robert Clawson
Meeting Place: Hoffman Lodge 412, 9 Courtland St., Middletown, NY  

Genesee-Wyoming Post No. 32- Chartered 11/9/1957
Commander – Robert R. Carter Email
Adjutant – Donald R. Kunego, PCG Email
Grand Post Representative – Robert Ball
State Service Officer – Donald R. Kunego, PCG Email
Chaplain General- Robert Ball
Meeting Place: Attica Lodge 462, 39 Main St., Attica, NY meets as called  

Oswego Post No. 43- Chartered 4/4/1964
Commander – Norman Kruth- Email
Adjutant – 
Grand Post Representative – Charlie Blood
Meeting Place: Scriba Lodge 414, 1416 Route 49,Constantia, NY Third Saturday of the month at 1730 dinner 1930 meeting  

Cortland Madison Post No. 44
Commander – Howard Dennison – Email
Adjutant – Fred M. S. Downs – Email
Grand Post Representative – Brian E. Ziegler, PC – Email
Meeting Place: Lodge, 28 Main St., Marathon [Various Lodges throughout the District]  

Waverly Post No. 45
Commander- Gary Mccarthy –Email
Adjutant- Walter Madison
Grand Post Representative  

Henry Biel Post No. 46- Chartered 4/12/1980
Commander – Marc Tenenbaum
Adjutant – Robert Valdivieso –Email
Grand Post Representative-
1st Lt Commander General- Harrison Greene
Chaplin General- Thomas Piper
Meeting Place: Kismet Shrine Center, 18 W. Nicholai St., Hicksville, NY 4th Monday of the month, 8pm  

Mort Whitman Post No. 50- Chartered 5/7/1987
Commander – Tony Perez
Adjutant – Robert Stack – Email
Grand Post Representative- Ray Bender
Meeting Place: Scottish Rite Hall, 28 Lincoln Ave., Rockville Center, NY, First Tuesday of the month 8pm  

Turning Point Post No. 52 – Chartered 4/23/1994
Commander –
Adjutant – Albert A. Aubin- Email
Grand Post Representative-
Meeting Place: Franklin Lodge 90, 310 Northline Rd., Ballston Spa, NY  

R. Malcolm Hunter Post No. 53
Commander – Dana Verissimo – Email
Adjutant – Ernest Tiebout – Email
Grand Post Representative- Tom MacManus
Meeting Place: 150 Myers Corners Rd., Wappingers Falls, NY, 2nd Monday of every month at 1930 hours  

Battle of Oriskany Post No. 55
Commander – Pat Dann Email
Adjutant – James Kernan Email
Grand Post Representative – Robert Jones
Meeting Place: O.E.S. Campus Chapel, 1400 Utica St., Oriskany, NY  

Barry R. Cox, Sr. Post No. 57
Commander – Bruce Bogerd Email
Adjutant – Murry Cohen, PC –Email
Grand Post Representative – Murry Cohen, PC –Email
Meeting Place: Stony Point Wawayanda Lodge, 601 Main St., Sparkill, NY Meets last Wednesday of every month  

Forrest Vosler Post No. 58
Commander – Frank Gitro-
Adjutant – Steven Shull –Email
Grand Post Representative – Richard Trescott, PC –Email
Meeting place: Livonia Lodge 778, 65 Big Tree Rd., Livonia, NY  

Battle of Cranberry Creek Post No. 60
Commander – Jim Gould
Adjutant – Terry Byard –Email
Commander General – Stephen Dreizler
Grand Post Representative- John Cranker  Email
Meeting Place: Alexandria Lodge 297, 24 James St., Alexandria Bay, NY 4th Mondays 730 pm  

Broome-Chenango Post No. 61 (Charter Surrendered)

Daniel Bissell Post No. 65 – Chartered 8/8/2012
Commander – Mark Lowe Email
Adjutant – William Valois Email
Grand Post Representative – Frederick J. Newton
2nd Lt. Commander General- Frederick J. Newton, PC
Meeting Place: Pocahontas Lodge 211, 2468 Mound Rd., Rt. 414 & Balsey Rd., Seneca Fls, NY  

Onondaga Post No. 66
Commander – Ken Sterling Email
Adjutant – John Pierce Email
Grand Post Representative – Garry Visconti
State Director General- Garry Visconti
Grand Post Adjutant – Ken Sterling Email
Meeting Place: Memorial Lodge 648, 648 Centerville Place, North Syracuse, NY 13212

LCDR John E. Hart Post No. 70
Commander – Neil Bonesteel
Adjutant – Eddie Mosso Email
Finance Officer – James S. Spaulding Email
1st LCDR – Mick DellaValle Email
2nd LCDR – David Carsno Email
Grand Post Representative – Marcus Norton
Grand Post Chaplain General – Eddie Mosso Email
Meeting Place: Schenectady Masonic Temple, 394 Princetown Road, Rotterdam, NY 12306