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Membership Eligibility

Candidates must be a member in good standing in a Blue Lodge in this State or a Lodge of a sister jurisdiction which has fraternal relations with the Grand Lodge of New York.

Candidate was regularly enlisted, drafted, inducted or commissioned in the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Air Force, Merchant Marine, or any other federal armed force that, by federal law or regulation or by the State of New York may be accorded veteran Status.

The eligibility status shall apply whether the service was active or reserve, and shall also apply to nationals of any other country who, in alliance with the United States, participated in military or naval activity against a common enemy.

Eligibility is in accordance with the Grand Lodge of the State of New York Constitution pertaining to the Masonic War Veterans of the State of New York.


To act as a strong right arm to the Grand Master and to the District Deputies in all Districts, presenting Colors at all official visits, aiding in patriotic celebrations and Memorial Services. To sponsor and conduct visitations to V.A. Medical Center and New York State Extended Care Facilities consisting of comfort item distribution, worship service assistance, ward and birthday parties and therapeutic recreational activities.